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Shawn Warden - Mix 93-1 and CTCU Teacher of the Week!

Shawn Warden - Mix 93-1 and CTCU Teacher of the Week!
Posted on 09/14/2016
Shawn Warden - Mix 93-1 and CTCU Teacher of the Week!Mix 93-1 and CTCU are honored to tell you about this week’s Teacher Of The Week!


This week’s recipient is Ms. Warden. Ms. Warden teaches AP Physics-Rockets-Robotics-Engineering at New Diana High School. She was nominated by a student to receive this recognition. The student had this to say about Ms. Warden:

My teacher should receive this award for so many reasons, but I’ll just stick to the major ones. Before I had Ms. Warden I had been told I wouldn’t make it in college and that I couldn’t go into certain fields. However, all that changed once I had Ms. Warden. She gives her students honest advice all the time and is supportive of everyone whether they are in her class or not. I suffer from severe anxiety and Ms. Warden never took it easy on me, she has made me a better person and [has] prepared me for life in the real world. She shows up every morning at 7 a.m. and stays as late as her kids need her to so we can have time to work on school work in a safe learning environment. She teaches her kids to problem solve by themselves. Ms. Warden is the only teacher I’ve ever had who’s always believed in me and pushed me to achieve goals I didn’t even know I have, she taught me not to limit myself. I’m accepted to an engineering college where I will become a Chemical Engineer. She does these things everyday no matter how she’s feeling and she doesn’t get any recognition, and that’s why she deserves this award more than any one I’ve ever known.

Thank you to Ms. Warden and all of the teachers throughout East Texas that ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE in our students’ lives.

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